Getting to Know the Names of Female Demons


If you are eager enough to know some female demon names to your own interest, then this website is just the right source for you to come by. Basically, the things that are provided to you in this article would include that of the demon’s typical origins, their appearance and finally, their corresponding features that makes them that prominent to today’s perception of them in various other supernatural based sources out there.

Of course, with numerous names of demons out there, it is important to make sure that you get an organized perspective of the insight that you are curious about regarding such matters. Having that said, some demons are in fact genderless in their own descriptions, though to some researcher’s regard, certain practices and powers have certainly implied that some of these names are in fact that of the female origin.

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In fact, some of the known demon names that are very much prominent in certain parts of the world include that of Charmo Vetr, Batibat, Aswang, Aosoth, Ammit, Buduh, Aynaet, Ardat Lili, Angrboda and Abyzou.

Before delving further, it is important to take note of the lingering history of these female demonic entities. It may come as a surprise to you, but the very knowledge or just belief of these said female demons is something that almost every person has some recognition in, even though if they are the fullest of skeptics made available out there in the world. Taking you back to the olden times, certain groups of people or tribes have their fair share of worshipping practices that are inter-related to the powers and presence that female demons evoke to their own understanding and knowledge. It isn’t all unicorns and rainbows though, as these female demons are more sinister than you thought, hence having them be the demonic entity that people may fear up to today. Before, ancient religion had deemed demons as genderless, and are particularly only interested in the suffering and torture that mortals would go through on a day to day basis.

If you are certain to know the first accounts of demons being mentioned by a certain source, then the Book of Solomon may be the right source for you to go to. This book mainly gives you a story of an ancient king who is said to have some form of connection to the world of demons in those ages.